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Slaine mac Roth
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New Section

Post by Slaine mac Roth » Sun Oct 17, 2004 3:09 pm

I've noticed that a few discussions of Films, TV Series and Books are beginning to crop up in the forums so how about giving them their own part of the board.
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Post by by-tor » Sun Oct 17, 2004 10:28 pm

Pony up some duckies, and I'll think about it. :twisted:
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Post by *Lifesonite » Sun Oct 17, 2004 10:45 pm

Doesn't it take all of 15 seconds to make a new section? :razz:
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Post by Aerosmitten » Mon Oct 18, 2004 12:34 am

*Lifesonite wrote:Doesn't it take all of 15 seconds to make a new section? :razz:
:shock: But that 15 sec coulda been used to torture some poor New Yorker he met on the street instead.

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Post by awip2062 » Sat Oct 23, 2004 11:05 am

Or to make some killer roadkill stew?
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