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Posted: Fri Aug 27, 2004 11:33 am
by LisaBug2112
Ok this DJ on the station i listen to got an email yesterday from a guy requesting either Anthem, or Somthing for Nothing today for Alex's birthday. Well i laughed so hard i couldnt believe it, this DJ HATES Rush, everyone who has listened for long enough knows this. This guy said "Your the only one i know with the guts to play one of them" i was like man this guy needs some help. So i emailed the dork DJ & posted on the station boards the only 2 DJ's who really had the guts to play either of them, & what a dork that DJ has always been. I mean you could tell just by the way he read the email yesterday, what disdain he has for Rush. Of course today to get the worst part of his day finished, he plays the Rush song first, & it was Red Barchetta. I mean i know everyone has their tastes, & i never put them down, but this guy he just flaunts it, makes me ill, only other that are like him actually like this guy. He didn't even show up with all the other DJ's on stage at the Rush show this summer before it started.