New Ayreon Album!

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New Ayreon Album!

Post by Sir Myghin » Mon Jan 28, 2008 12:29 pm

Its our, And in my possession and I must say it was a quaint journey. I spun it 3x yesterday. Much more symphonic than his last album, and some very VERY good singers. This album sort of ties all his other storylines together filling in alot of blanks. It covers the parts of the forevers (a super race become dependant on machines) and their populating earth with humans to pass on their legacy while giving (I think they are human too) another chance at life that is fulfulling. Previous albums have people such as forever and the stars, testing humans to try to rediscover emotions. But this sort of fulfills the cycle to show alot of the inbetweens.

Definitely an excellent addition to his story but music more important a very driving feel where guitar seems to have taken a little more of the back seat. It contains the dialogue style singing of his last album and is well worth a listen.

For those that find the sci-fi story theme appealing definitely check this one out. His rock operas are among the best i've heard and this newest addition will not disappoint. Most of the music is prog metal for you genre junkies.

Give it a listen, I believe he has a sample on his website, Enjoy

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