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Post by by-tor » Thu Jun 24, 2004 8:31 am

With events of the past week involving a couple of other Rush sites, I want to make a request. When posting images from another site on this one, please make sure you have permission from the site owner to post an image from his/her site on this one. This isn't so much a copyright issue as it is a netiquette one. When you display images from one domain on another domain (linking directly from the first domain), you are using the bandwidth of that other domain. Some domain owners tend to get upset at this (can't say I like it myself), as it can cost them extra money. If there is an image on another site which you want to display here, and can't get permission from that site's owner, send me the image, and I will host it here as long as it's not copyrighted, or host it on your site (if you have one).

I know some of you post your pics which are hosted here on other sites, and I don't mind that (so there's no need to flood me with email asking permission). However, if you want to use other images from this site (the few that I have), please ask me first.

Thank you. I am By-Tor, and I approve this message. :cool:
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