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Ghost Rider to be made into a movie?

Posted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 3:53 pm
by kazzman
Scabeba Entertainment Acquires the Film and Television Rights to Neil Peart's Biography "GHOST RIDER"

Neil Peart internationally best-selling author, lyricist and Hall of Fame drummer for the legendary band "RUSH" gives rights to his bio "GHOST RIDER" to Buddy Rich's daughter Cathy.

(Las Vegas) July 11, 2004 -- Cathy Rich, daughter of legendary jazz drummer Buddy Rich has acquired the film and television rights to produce the Neil Peart bio "GHOST RIDER" through her production company Scabeba Entertainment. The Drainie-Taylor biography prize finalist was also chosen as one of the five most exceptional biographies of the year.

Neil Peart, internationally best-selling author, lyricist and Hall of Fame drummer for the renowned rock band RUSH, is the most successful band in Canadian rock music. RUSH has recently made history by becoming the first band to celebrate 30 years together with the original members and they are currently on the RUSH 30th Anniversary World Tour.

"GHOST RIDER" is a bold, brilliantly written, intense, exciting, and ultimately triumphant narrative memoir from a gifted writer and musician, who started out as a man reduced to trying to stay alive by staying on the move. Within a ten-month period, Neil Peart suffered family losses so devastating that they left him a ghost, physically a man, but with nothing.

Rich states that she is "thrilled and honored to have the opportunity to collaborate on such an inspiring story of personal triumph". Rich and Peart became friends in 1992 when Neil appeared on the Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship concert, in his first foray outside of RUSH. They also collaborated on the Grammy-nominated CD's "Burning for Buddy," parts 1 and 2.

Scabeba Entertainment is currently in pre-production on the life story of Buddy Rich, produced by Steven Soderbergh and Miramax Films.

Posted: Sun Jul 11, 2004 8:51 pm
by D'Anconia
Never thought I'd see that happen...

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2004 6:46 am
by neilpeart_gal
I know. I'm VERY surprised. But I guess considering who it is, and that Neil admired Buddy so much, it makes as much sense as is possible.

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2004 10:37 am
by Jedi Rush
I just saw this, and was going to post it.
I am really excited about this. I'm trying to figure out how they'll do this. Knowing how Neil is quiet about being in the public eye, I'm pleasently surprised to hear about this. I wonder if they'll have someone portray Neil, or do it documentary style.
If nothing else, if this story (check that - this life) gets out to more people, it would be wonderful and could be very inspirational to many people.

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2004 10:55 am
by Slaine mac Roth
And I posted it elsewhere before I got here. Ha Ha. :oops:

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2004 11:27 am
by 3 travelers
Looks as though Tom Hanks will have some more work coming up. I can see him portraying Neil

Posted: Mon Jul 12, 2004 11:48 am
by Kares4Rush
Tom can play him up until the age of 36 then Kevin Spacey can take over. :-D

Me loves goood news. :D

Posted: Tue Jul 13, 2004 2:21 pm
by 2112X1mbh
I'm sure it'll never happen, but sure wish Neil would do it. Mostly from a selfish reason of me loving to watch him in action. From all the concerts I have seen, interviews, and his video, A Work In Progress. That man certainly is poetry in motion. Otherwise, I like like the Kevin Spacey nomination too!!!! :-D

Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2004 11:58 am
by H3WMW
If Hollywood actors were to play our heroes then they would most likely be........

John Hannah for Neil

Jeff Daniels for Alex

and Sean Penn for Geddy

Posted: Fri Aug 06, 2004 9:37 pm
by kazzman
H3WMW wrote:Jeff Daniels for Alex
Funny, I always saw Keifer Sutherland for Alex.

Posted: Sat Aug 07, 2004 3:47 am
by H3WMW
Well, you could be correct.

Either Keifer Sutherland or Jeff Daniels for the part.

Posted: Tue Jul 26, 2005 6:15 pm
by PeartFan
I think Kevin Spacey would be a good pic, or if they choose to go for a younger man, I say John Cusak, he's amazing