Okay girls, start the drool...

All about Neil

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Post by rushlight » Wed Jan 07, 2004 9:14 pm

Are you Neil Peart, drummer for Rush?

Wow! Can you play something for me?
There is no drumset around here.

I can make you one using this gum and safety pin. And a few other things.

Ta da! I made you a drumset!

What would you like to hear Mr.....?

MacGuyver! How about a little of Tom Sawyer?

I love my Welshman.

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Post by awip2062 » Wed Jan 07, 2004 10:57 pm

Rushlight, you are berry berry bad!

That second photo is one of my all time favs! Duh-Rool! I love it when that man thinks!
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Post by neilpeart_gal » Thu Jan 08, 2004 10:55 am

I've seen that somewhere before, Rushlight! I love it!

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Post by Kares4Rush » Thu Jan 08, 2004 11:04 am

These are AWESOME pictures!!! :shock: :D :D :D

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Post by 2112X1mbh » Sun Jan 25, 2004 3:00 pm

All I can say is..........WHEW!!! I'm glad I'm not alone in the drooling over Neil! So now my hubby can be rest assured that I am not the only woman on this planet who has the longing to be with this man! Such a pity we can't go back in time and be Andrew's assistant in photography! I knew I should have pursued that career! Dang!! 8)

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