meeting Rush

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meeting Rush

Post by ncebula » Thu Jun 03, 2004 1:33 pm

I am going to the show next Thursday. I want to meet Rush. There HAS to be a way. Any ideas? Of course I have called every radio station in the world.
I need to do this for my husband (AH SELFLESS ME). Really it needs to happen!

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Death Rattle
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Post by Death Rattle » Thu Jun 03, 2004 10:59 pm

well, this didn't happen at a rush concert, but I went to Maiden last year, and was lucky enough to sit next to a guy who was really stoned, and he pulled out his backstage pass and i said "thats cool" and he said "here! take it!" The security wouldn't let me back, but i still have it. So uh, go take advantage of a stoned guy!

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Meeting Rush

Post by darkfantc » Thu Jun 10, 2004 9:37 pm

Well ncebula, I guess this suggestion will be too late for you to try...but my best friend and I met Rush in an interesting way...
We both live in Denver, Colorado, but we have always tried to get to every show within 600 or 700 miles of us. Through the years this has taken us to Las Cruces, NM, Kansas City, KS, and Las Vegas, NV as well as our home base show. In the mid 80's we created a banner that we have since carried to every one of these shows. I think the most recent version of it Thanks Rush for 20+ awesome years...guess we will have to update that! At any rate, it also says, "from your fans in Northern Colorado." When we went to the show in Las Vegas in November of '96, we of course had the banner with us. We turned in to various local rock radio stations when we got close enough and discovered that one of them was going to have a BBQ before the show. We got there early and schmoozed with the DJ's for awhile, telling them that their station was way better than anything we have here in Denver (that was and is still true, Clear Channel has taken over and Corporate radio is all we have). We kept asking them for bumper stickers we could take home.
Finally, one of the DJ's noticed our banner and asked us to open it up. He was very surprised that we had driven in from Denver. He even asked to see our ID's! Then he wandered off for another beverage and we ate our dinner. He came back over to us a bit later and told us that since we had driven the farthest of anyone he had spoken to that he had something for us. We figured, "Oh, they finally found some bumper stickers," and had a good chuckle, because it had really become quite a running joke with them. Lo, and Behold! He gave us BACKSTAGE PASSES! There were only 20 or so people that joined us back there and it was the most incredible experience of our lives!

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