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Post by DutchRush » Thu Aug 19, 2004 1:43 pm

August 14 th., 1974 eh ?

GheeZz...I was nine...I remember the great summer we had here ! My family had spent it on our yachts, lots of sailing, swimming...listening to the AM radio sea stations Radio Veronica, Mi Amigo and Radio Caroline. There we had some darn good music in those days...Purple, Sabbath, the Sweet, Slade, Zep....too many to mention. Holland had just lost the World Cup soccerfinal to Germany with 2-1...bummer ! 'cause throughout the whole tournament we had the best team, ironicly untill that final game came...very very dissapointed nation we were, I recall... oh ! and...the biggest blooper that year came from our national post service ! Being certain of the fact that Holland should win the title, they had printed 70 million stamps with the text, Holland Worldchampion 1974, hahaha....that was some fun ! It was shortly after that ( february '76, I think...) that I heard Rush for the first time...By-Tor and the Snow dog from FBN...even as a kid I was immediatly sold, of coarse to dissatisfaction of Mum and Dad...I grew up with an older brother and my not much older uncle and they were still into this Mc Cartney and Lennon Beatles stuff or their solo projects...pretty much ok back then I suppose !...but as being the youngest, the less wisest and the smallest, well...I was proud to have heard it louder ! Besides, these dudes looked cooler than the former Beatles! And also not less important..as a kid I had this beauuuutifull longggg whiteblond hair...and that matched Alex's haha..After Dad had seen that, he decided that it was probably for the better to send me to the hairdresser !!!
After he had done that, I was angry..pissed...evil...and just because of that...just to BUG him with it, I bought every single Rush album afterwards....!!!
No...not true...I just loved the guys from that first moment on...
My Dad passed away already sixteen years ago...he HATED them...haha, but if he could see me for what I am now...he would have been very proud of me...
and wether he would have liked it or not, he has to thank Rush for that as well ! ...'Cause I do believe they made me for what I am today...in many ways...rock on for thirty years more friends ! and I will welcome you guys in October here...closer to the heart !

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