Rush Collectables and Other CDs for sale FREE Shipping in US

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Rush Collectables and Other CDs for sale FREE Shipping in US

Post by ytserush » Sun Feb 06, 2005 7:31 pm

It's all available priced as marked or TRADE. Thanks for looking....

100% Ebay and Paypal free Check or money orders accepted. FREE SHIPPING in the USA.

(All originals No CDRs MP3s etc..) I'll be happy to answer any questions on
anything below.

24-7 Spyz -- Harder Than You $5

Black 47 -- 5 track EP (Still sealed) $5

Blue Oyster Cult - Self Titled (Advance remaster in card sleeve with 4 bonus tracks, no art
work) $6

Body Count - The Radio EP (5 track sampler w/Cop Killer) $25

Boiled In Lead -- Old Lead $6

Boiled In Lead -- Antler Dance $6

Candiria -- Signs Of Discontent (advanced 3-track single with bonus track in cardboard
sleeve) $4

Echolyn -- As The World $10

Emerson, Lake and Palmer (2CD Victory remaster)-
Works $13

Enchant -- A Blueprint Of The World (Magna Carta reissue) $8

Everclear -- Songs From An American Movie Vol. 2: Good Time For A Bad Attitude (Still sealed) $5

Finch -- What It Is to Burn $6

Fish -- Brother 52 3-track maxi single (Out of Print) $8

The Fixx - Elemental $5

Joe Jackson - Summer In The City Live in New York (Promo In-Store Play CD - no art work) $4

Eric Johnson and Alien Love Child - Live and Beyond (Promo, no artwork) $5

King Crimson -- Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream (5 Track single featuring Silent Night and 2 Live tracks) $6

The Kinks -- The Road (Record Club remaster sealed) $9

The Kinks -- Low Budget (1999 Remaster with 3 bonus tracks but with wrong booklet and back art) $6

The Kinks -- Misfits (1998 Remaster with 4 bonus tracks including Father Christmas) $8

The Kinks -- State Of Confusion $6

Jonny Lang -- Wander This World (Still sealed promo hole through case) $5

Living Colour single (from the True Lies Sountrack 2 versions of Cream's Sunshine of Your Love plus a Screaming Trees and Mother Tongue song) $5

Ian McNabb (Icicle Works) -- You Must Be Prepared To Dream (4 Track UK Single featuring half of Neil Young's Crazy Horse) $4

Loreena McKennitt -- The Visit $7

Loreena McKennitt -- The Mask and Mirror (Gold Stamped Promo) $8

Mark O'Connor's Hot Swing Trio Featuring Wynton Marsalis and Jane Monheit - In Full Swing (2CD set Exclusively For Radio -- $9

Opeth -- Deliverance $9

Buddy Rich - Ease On Down The Road $9

Buddy Rich - Giant Steps $8

Rusted Root - welcome To My Party (Advance promo w/ artwork) $6

Sony Classical Promotional Only Sampler from NARM 1996 $1

Spock's Beard Feel Euphoria (Promo Only CD in cardboard sleeve with artwork) $6

Sratovarius - Elements Pt. 2 (Advance promo in card sleeve) $5

Strapping Young Lad (Devin Townsend) -- City (Promo copy in sleeve) $6

Steve Vai--The 7th Sons Enchanting Guitar Melodies Archives Vol.1 (still sealed) $6

The Who -- Who's Next (1995 remaster with bonus tracks) $10

Rick Wright (Pink Floyd) - Broken China $8

John Zorn - Filmworks VII $9


U2 -- The Joshua Tree Tourbook (Ex ++) $15

Book: Ki$$ And Make Up -- Gene $immons $4

Metal Blade Promotional T-Shirts. Shirts have never been worn and were stored in a cardboard box for about 10 years

GRIP, INC - The Power Of Inner Strength Band logo on top left of front and Band photo on back with Metal Blade Records logo (Black Shirt Large Pre-Shrunk 100% cotton Murina Made in USA) $5

Fates Warning - Inside Out Promotional T-Shirt (Says Fates Warning on front with Inside Out logo which also appears on the inside of the shirt if you turn it inside out Also says Fates Warning The New Album Inside Out with Metal Blade logo on back. (Gray shirt with Black lettering Large Pre Shrunk Cotton Murina Made in USA) $10

Danny Federici (of Bruce Springsteen's E Street Band) - Flemington (T-Shirt to promote solo jazz album called Flemington (Danny Federici - Flemington on back and his label inprint Deadeye "" on front. (Fruit Of The Loom Heavy Cotton Black Shirt, Large) $10

Still with me?

Here's the fun stuff (Well, some of it anyway.)

Rush - Roll The Bones Radio Radio Special (Anthem (Rare Canadian Radio Show)
PR 10 Check around, you won't find it much cheaper than here) $75 ($60 if you buy another Rush item)

Rush - Hemispheres Performance 5/22/79 Oslo,
Norway (SILVER Elements 042) $20 (Not a CDR/MP3)

Rush -- Counterparts $6

Rush -- Vapor Trails (Still sealed) $8

Rush Magna Carta Tribute -- Working Men (featuring Mike Portnoy, and a cast of dozens) $9

Victor - Victor (Alex Lifeson) $7

Rheostatics - Whale Music (Canadian CD promo with
Neil Peart on two tracks Disclaimer: Does NOT
sound like Rush (Not that it's a bad thing)) $5

Small Soldiers 3 track Promo Sampler (with two different remixes of Rush's Tom Sawyer and The Cult's Love Removal Machine) $11

Buddy Rich (Tribute)-- Burning For Buddy two-track sampler produced by
Neil Peart includes Pick Up The Pieces $6

Geddy Lee promo single - My Favorite Headache $7

Boys Brigade - Melody (produced by Geddy Lee in
1983) promo 7" with Picture Sleeve (Picture Sleeve Good/7" VG) $2

Rush --- The Trees/The Trees (Rare White Label Buildings and Trees Promotional Only 7" 74051 in Mercury sleeve) VG $10

Rush --- Tom Sawyer/Witch Hunt US 7" (VG-) $3

Rush - Closer To The Heart (Live)/Freewill (Live)
Canadian Anthem ANS 039 7" (VG-) $5

Rush - The Big Money(album)/The Big Money (DJ
edit) PRO 383-7DJ 7" VG+ $6

Rush - Subdivisions/Red Barchetta (Live), Jacob's
Ladder (Live)( UK 12" RUSH 912) (G/VG-) $3

Rush-Hemispheres (Canadian Anthem RED VINYL SANR
1-1015 ) Cover G/Vinyl VG $8

I also have US and Canadian copies of the first
16 official Rush albums on VINYL through A Show of Hands in 1989. If you're
looking for a specific VINYL album or are looking for a quick way to get
everything through a Show of Hands, let me know and we'll work out a

They would be:

Fly By Night
Caress Of Steel
All The World's A Stage
A Farewell To Kings
Permanent Waves
Moving Pictures
Exit...Stage Left
Grace Under Pressure
Power Windows
Hold Your Fire
A Show Of Hands

Bob And Doug McKenzie - Great White North (Cover
Good Split Seam/Record Very Good Minus) $2

Rush - Rush Through Time Holland PICTURE DISC (Not the regular album - Very Rare) Die Cut Cover EX- Name in ink on inside cover/Record EX $55

Rush - Rush/Fly By Night Rare West German
Gatefold Double LP (Cover EX-/Record Rush VG+ Fly By Night EX) $30

Rush - Rush In Rio (promo only Limited Edition 6-track digipak (looks nice!) with artwork sampler Still Sealed) $19

Rush - Roll The Bones UK Dice Picture CD single
w/Where's My Thing, Superconductor and It's a Rap Part 3 - Neil Speaks

Rush - Subdivisions Rare 7" Picture Disc w/ Red
Barchetta (NM) $28

Rush - Moving Pictures Tour Program (Crossword
done in pencil) (VG-) $12

Rush - Signals Tour Program EX- ("75 songs"
written in ink on back inside cover) $19

FREE Shipping in USA.

Thanks For looking!

I'll be happy to answer more detailed questions
about any of the above.

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