bad ass poem written by jay hog for all to read

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bad ass poem written by jay hog for all to read

Post by jay hog » Sat Oct 22, 2005 9:59 pm

:x the fluidity of motion through time,space, and matter are but a mere coincidence to that of which is compared to the theory of relativity the most highest being in the universe.

it is the blood that careens down you face and smiles with enchantment
,the snow crunching beneath your feet as you try to escape the horrors of its wrath,the scruples of your life guiding you down a dark and shadowy path to your ever awaiting majesty.

but mostly its the feeling of anxiousness as pass through that moment of time when your caught off gaurd and all your senses are at their peak your heart exploding out your chest and your knees weak.

the time your mind begans racing throught the process of determining
where or what the purpose of the subjectation that just took place came from you are being stoned with hoards and hoards of words telling you what they want you to hear not knowing that these are but of the very words of lucifer himself.

the manifestations of the existence of society diminishes the role of evil having to do much of its part thus letting humanity take care of its job for it.
the addictions of your problems are but those of the escenses of his powers through a viscous drinkable death that never lets you sleep from its control over you till you die of its overwhelming restrain.

you grow weaker and weaker relentlessly pursuing just cause over the matter,but when you try to stand up against its powers the addiction becomes to overwhelming.

its powers having a tighter and tighter grasp over you looking you up and down contentedly as they have accomplished their mission immortality.

its life lies within your death becoming stronger as you become weaker,
your ever closeness to death keeps it at its infancy.the inoxication is just it living through you for the time being you are solitary.your soul is the only thing keeping you from turning but even at that it can only do so much.
the persons that are exempt of this for the time being will eventually find themselves spiraling down a never ending black hole of exstacy,their whole personas change after time and their somewhat normality now belonging to that of their own demise.

so in part tyranny rules all.nobody gets left out and for those who look and act as if they are one are only it having taken all entirety of them and are living through them, thus becoming being able to become a living life form.
the only reason nobody as any awareness of this is because its so common that people just got used to the flawlessness of these beings and also their contributions to society.

to them having lived a life that has already been lived is like that of the weed persistant nagging sometimes beautiful but merely just a false impression. :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

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