My Boot List (UPDATED 14/02/07!)

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My Boot List (UPDATED 14/02/07!)

Post by ElderberryRyan » Tue Jan 23, 2007 11:35 am

Can't get torrents to work for the moment, so I thought I'd start a bit of trading! Here's the list!

Boot List

Rush Shows:
Between the Red Rocks - 6/29/04 - Denver
An Evening In Dallas - 5/24/97 (On 2 Discs Instead Of 3)
Check This Out
Ron's Vault Release #5 - 9/28/77 - Fresno, CA
Here Again At The Agora (Minus Intro)
Out Of Hiding - 1976
St. Louis 1980
The Fifth Order Of Angels (GREAT SHOW)
Fly In The Night
Deja Vu
A Right Of Passage

SOON! "A Desert Passage PE"

Genesis Shows:
Le Ferme (First recorded Genesis show ever)
Felt Forum

Gentle Giant Shows:
Hollywood Bowl

Then I've got some various rareties from Rush Oddities, as well as a lot of drum solos that I can burn all on one disc for you.

I'm mainly looking for soundboard recordings, I'm really not crazy about audience.

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