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Post by awip2062 » Tue Aug 18, 2009 9:16 pm

WEll, Dusti had to miss the Heaven and Hell gig being off in North Carolina playing ball, and Bear missed it to have one last talk with his ex-girlfriend, so I ended up taking a couple of family friends.

Here is E with the younger one:

The show started with Neurosis playing. I liked their sound....for the first couple of songs. In my opinion, they need to change tempos and keys MUCH more often.

But I wasn't there to see Neurosis. I was there to see HnH!

It was Eagle's first time to see Heaven and Hell and he was not disappointed. Tony was his usual deadpan face, just chillin' as he plays, spot-on with the flatted fifths self. Geezer's fingers flew on the fretboard. Vinny was all over his toms and had a great (non-Peartian) solo. And then Ronnie....I stand amazed at how well he still belts it out at his age! He got down on his knees between songs at one point and when it had been a bit, he got up, announced to the audience that he was having a conversation. After the gig, he went back to that same spot and bent down and got some albums which he signed and got others to sign as well.

Set list:
Mob Rules
Children of the Sea
The Bible Black
Time Machine
Drum Solo
Fear [no, not the Rush song, sillies!]
Falling Off the Edge of the World
Follow the Tears
Die Young
Heaven and Hell
Encore: Geez and Ronnie danced a wee jig as Tony played a folk tune then they went in to Country Girl then Neon Knights and ended with a reprise of Heaven and Hell.

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