Toronto show - NOW they tell us!!!

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Toronto show - NOW they tell us!!!

Post by neilpeart_gal » Wed Mar 03, 2004 12:10 pm

Just got this via email:

Hey gang, Andrew from Club Q here.

Hope you're having a very solid week. I'm pretty beat myself, cuz I've
been working my butt off trying to hook up our exclusive Q107 Front of
Line presale for the Rush 30th anniversary show, Sunday August 22nd at
Molson Amphitheatres. Happy to say, things have come together quite
nicely. Here's the info I know you've been waiting for.

The password is "YYZ"

here's the link....

You'll be able to buy your tickets before they go on sale tomorrow
at 10am...

Club Q is your concert hookup...guess what? Tune in to Jeff Brown this
afternoon at 4:20p for a huge concert's a
last time this guy played a Club in Toronto was 1996 at the Concert

There you go! Thanks for listening to the Mighty Q and for being a
of Club Q.

Andrew from Club Q!

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For those who don't have Toronto show tickets yet, this presale is definitely the way to go.

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