They Just Won't Leave Sarah Palin Alone

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Post by CygnusX1 » Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:29 am

Big Blue Owl wrote:And thanks for the good wishes, man. Things are
progressing naturally over here. Got past the anxiety and stress. Moving
on toward (hopefully) bigger and better things. Ha! See? I AM fullashit! :-D

Glad to hear it!

I'm happy for you, dude. Go get it! \m/
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Post by Walkinghairball » Wed Jun 17, 2009 11:48 am


Big Blue Ofullashit! :razz: :lol: :razz:
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Post by Big Blue Owl » Fri Jun 19, 2009 11:57 am

That's me!!! :lol:
(((((((((((((((all'a you)))))))))))))))

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Post by CygnusX1 » Tue Jun 23, 2009 9:40 am

The end game of the whole Letterman slip-of-the-lip debacle:

The Last Laugh
by Bill O'Reilly

That was some firestorm David Letterman found himself confronting,
wasn't it?

Do you think the comedian had any idea his jokes mocking Gov. Sarah
Palin and her family would lead to such condemnation?

I don't.

What Letterman and his writers failed to see is the growing anger in
America over personal attacks leveled against public people. The issue is
primarily about partisan insults.

Many now consider Letterman a liberal guy, and so his remarks about
Palin were viewed as more political than satirical. If Jay Leno (who is
more nonpartisan than Letterman) had told the jokes, he would have
been criticized, but not to the same extent.

According to a new Gallup Poll, 40 percent of Americans identify
themselves as conservative, 35 percent say they are moderate and just
21 percent answer to the liberal description. Liberals are outnumbered
by almost four to one.

Thus, when a conservative icon such as Palin is demeaned by a high-
profile entertainer who leans left, it becomes a big political story.

Cable news and the blogs blow it up.

In the media world in which Letterman lives, many people are
outspokenly liberal. New York City and Hollywood are unabashedly so.

But the folks are not.

And they do not want nasty stuff directed at a working mother like Palin,
who holds traditional values. To hear the liberal pundits try to defend
Letterman was something out of "The Twilight Zone."

They put forth that because 18-year-old Bristol Palin appeared with her
mother at political rallies, she was fair game.

Pure idiocy.

The folks also zeroed in on the hypocrisy of the Letterman-Palin situation.

If somebody had mocked President Obama's family that way,
they would be destroyed.

There's a difference between a president and a governor, but the analysis
is valid.

What liberal entertainers do not understand is that Obama was elected
because the economy collapsed under a Republican president.

While some liberal zealots believe Obama's ascension certified a national
ideological move to the left, they are exceedingly wrong.

The folks are closely watching Obama. And if the economy does not
improve significantly, he'll have a battle in 2012.

I believe Letterman when he says he's sorry about the Palin dust-up. I
don't think he meant to hurt the Palin daughters; he's not that kind of

But he definitely has an edge when it comes to people who do not fit into
his ideological comfort zone. I've been on the Letterman program five

Last time around, he called me a goon and mocked Rush Limbaugh's
weight. I asked him why he was doing that, but he did not have an

And so it was the mean-spirited perception that dunked Letterman.

Robust debate over issues has made the USA the great country it is.

But increasingly, personal attacks are being used to marginalize opposing
points of view.

And when those attacks involve kids, even on the periphery,
Americans will not stand for it.
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Post by Soup4Rush » Tue Jun 23, 2009 11:20 am

I think people need to lighten up. If you are in the public spotlight, you will be a target. Thats just the way it is. Name one celeb that has never been a target especially in the age of the internet. You dont like it, drop out of the public spotlight and be a normal person like the rest of us. But even than somebody, somewhere is going to say something negative about you... ie office gossip.. Thats just the way it its. Drama sells I suppose.
Happy 2015!

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Post by CygnusX1 » Wed Jun 24, 2009 5:49 am

You speak the truth Comrade Soup, but the fact remains:

You criticize a far-left liberal, and they'll cut your balls off.

The hypocricy is downright sinister. This IS America, right?

However, Fearless Leader condones it. So....what'chagonnado?

You're gonna VOTE THE BUMS OUT IN 2010 - that's what you're gonna do.

Oh, don't forget Comrades - Today is the big ABC protest!

Since ABC's gonna give Fearless Leader free TV air time to stump and
campaign "Canadian-style" health care reform - without allowing opposing
points of view (that's right Conservative Comrades, so shut your mouth
and know your role) - there are gonna be some good ol' fashioned
shit-on-the-steps protests at ABC TV affiliates around the country today.

Bet'cha didn't hear THAT ^^^ through mainstream media! 8)

Oh it's true - it's damn true. It's CAMPAIGNING - plain and simple - and
it's definitely not American to muzzle the opposing point of view. Shame
on you, ABC. I used to (kind of) watch you. That won't make it so
difficult to totally remove you from my remote forever.

Fearless Leader has taken the next step to show his disdain for those who
oppose (You know...Chicago politics), so Glenn Beck and the 9/12'ers are
all over this one.

In fact, conservatives decided to BUY air time on other networks (not
in-bed-with-and-drooling over Fearless Leader) to voice their thoughts
and comments, because Fearless Leader gets a free ride to sell the snake

This is gonna be great! Protests of fascism in its purest form! :P

***Puts serious commie face back on***

I leave you now, Comrades, for that is all the people need to know.
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Post by CygnusX1 » Thu Jul 09, 2009 11:17 am

Forgetting Sarah Palin
by Ann Coulter

Sarah Palin has deeply disappointed her enemies. People who hate her
guts feel she's really let them down by resigning.

She's like the ex-girlfriend they're SO over, never want to see again,
have already forgotten about -- really, it's O-ver --

-- but they just can't stop talking about her.

Liberal: Ha, ha ... Sarah who? She's over, she's toast, a future Trivial
Pursuit answer, nothing more.

Normal Person: Whatever. How about the North Korean missiles?

Liberal: Can you believe she just resigned the governorship like that?
What a quitter!

Normal Person: Speaking of quitting, how's work?

Liberal: Did you hear she might get a TV show? There's no way Sarah
Palin's getting a TV show! No way! I can't believe stupid Sarah Palin could
get her own stupid TV show now. Well, I'm sure not gonna watch it --
that's for sure!

Normal Person: Have you seen all the Michael Jackson coverage on TV?

Liberal: How does she think she can run for president in 2012 if she can't
finish her term as governor of a Podunk state? She's finished.

Normal Person: OK, then! You won't have to vote for her.

Liberal: I was never going to vote for her! But now I'm not going to vote
for her twice. And I will never watch her TV show. I am so over her.

Reporters had already written their stories on Palin's press conference --
"rambling!" "incoherent!" -- before she even stepped to the podium.

Whatever you think of Palin, her argument for resigning was the opposite
of "rambling" and "incoherent."

Palin's basketball analogy couldn't have been clearer, even to prissy
liberal pundits who get uncomfortable when the subject turns to sports:
She decided to destroy the other team's game plan, which has been to
obsessively focus on her, by resigning.

This is particularly apt here -- she's passing the ball to a fantastic right-
wing lieutenant governor, who shares her principles but doesn't set off the
left's neuroses.

This is better for him, better for the state, better for the conservative
program and better for Palin personally, whose family is sick of all the
crap. Now she can make a lot of money and promote conservatism on a
national stage.

It certainly won't be held against Palin by people who don't already loathe
her. (On the other hand, her approval ratings among people who think
she's worse than Hitler are down to 48 percent.)

With the left frenetically filing ethics complaint after ethics complaint
against Palin, costing her state millions of dollars and her personally half
a million dollars, citizens of Alaska must be asking, "Can we please have
our state back?"

But to read the news reports -- which actually were rambling and
incoherent -- you would think Palin was speaking in tongues.

The truth is, liberals are furious they won't have Sarah Palin to kick
around anymore -- at least not with Palin's hands tied behind her back by
her public office.

Something tells me Keith Olbermann isn't going to be pulling any big
numbers this summer attacking Eric Cantor and Michele Bachmann. I
don't anticipate any sudden outbreaks of "Mitch McConnell Derangement

Soon we'll only hear about Keith when his creepy e-mails using his
mother's death to hit on chicks start making the rounds again. (Tip to
Keith: When a girl refuses to give you her phone number, her assistant's
phone number or her personal e-mail address, and only gives you her
assistant's e-mail address, you're not halfway in the sack.)

Bonus: If Olbermann gets canceled as a result of Palin's resignation, that
will put her in a really good position for 2012.

But instead of being honest and saying, "Oh well, it was a good ride while
it lasted," liberal chatterers indignantly demand: "Is this not the greatest
betrayal a public servant ever committed against the people?"

On one hand, liberals are enraged at the heinousness of Mark Sanford --
whom they didn't vote for -- for not resigning and, on the other, they're
enraged at Palin -- whom they also didn't vote for -- for resigning.

The peculiarly venomous hatred of Palin is driven by women of the left
and their whipped consorts. All that needs to happen is for a feminist to
overhear two Nation readers saying, "I hate to admit it, but Palin is kind
of hot" and ...


Democrats are a party of women, and nothing drives them off their
gourds like a beautiful Christian conservative. (How much money has
that other beautiful born-again, Carrie Prejean, been forced to spend on
lawyers to respond to liberal hysteria?)

So the motives are clear, but the money is not. Who is paying the rent for
the losers filing all these frivolous complaints against Palin?

At least when Richard Mellon Scaife was funding investigations of Bill
Clinton, we knew who Scaife was, he was an American citizen, and his
money was accessible to U.S. tax authorities and not stashed in offshore
accounts like a certain Hungarian Nazi-collaborator I can name.

How about some modern-day Scaife investigate the investigators?
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Post by CygnusX1 » Tue Aug 04, 2009 11:00 am

Lies can get you in BIG trouble

Hat Tip to

Boy, you just got SERVED.

Sue his ass straight to hell, Sarah.

It's about time you won a round for once, girl.
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Post by awip2062 » Tue Aug 04, 2009 6:52 pm

Whoa, those were some serious accusations thrown out.

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Post by Walkinghairball » Tue Aug 04, 2009 7:10 pm

Wow.................Looks like that clown is gonna get served.
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Post by awip2062 » Tue Aug 04, 2009 7:13 pm

Deservedly if he did all that and it is untrue as she says.

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