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Post by Walkinghairball » Tue Jul 07, 2009 10:12 pm

This is interesting. Is this common sense or just propaganda? Are we doomed or just evolving? Do we have courage or are we just along for the ride at great personal expense and loss of freedom? This video really raises some very tough questions that beg for answers. It is worth watching. I just added "tea bags" to my shopping list. I think I will send a few. Who knows what will happen.

This does make sense - not all but clearly he makes some very important points

This guy's video on youtube has been so popular that Obama called him personally. He said that he was very disturbed with the video and invited him to the White House. Obama also said he wanted the White House to handle the press and not to talk about the video. That's interesting...Watch it now. This may be the best six minutes invested in your future.

Note to all.... This is from an E-Mail I got from a friend. Just a cut and paste, but I do feel strongly about alot of it. WHB.

Keywords for Cygbroski..............We The People Stimulus Package or, Revolution.

I hope.

Here is more info on the guy in the video...............
Bob Basso author of "Common Sense" plays the role of Thomas Paine to ignite the fire of change in America. Patriotism and Pride for America lead Thomas Paine to help take back America!
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Post by awip2062 » Tue Jul 07, 2009 10:30 pm

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Post by ElfDude » Tue Jul 07, 2009 11:12 pm

Ah, Thomas. Such a wonderful patriot.
I agreed with pretty much all of that except for the electoral college part. I like article two of the Constitution just fine the way it is.
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Post by CygnusX1 » Wed Jul 08, 2009 5:55 am


H/T to http://www.forgottenguy.com/?p=218

"Don Obamaleone" Summons "Thomas Paine"

Posted Saturday, March 28th, 2009 at 9:33 AM
under "Political Intimidation"

The great Bob Basso, known for his two Thomas Paine YouTube videos is
being summoned to the White House to "discuss the disturbing nature of
the videos."

This means that he has struck a chord, and the Democrats are scared.

This also means that this man is about to go through the ringer, and the
Democrat personal-destruction machine is about to be unleashed in ways
we may not yet have seen - even with Sarah Palin and "Joe the Plumber".

Like Don Corleone, Obama doesn't sit down to talk to people so
they can change his mind. This is going to be a show of "I'm willing to
listen to the other side" for Obama.

He will probably be gracious to Mr. Basso, feign interest, maybe even tell
him he liked the videos - in hopes that Mr. Basso goes on the radio
talking about what a nice guy Obama is, etc, etc.

Once that is done - WHAMMO!!!! Mr. Basso will be totally discredited as a
radical, inciting riots, and then we'll have a further clamp-down on our
rights to free speech.

Sound crazy?

Just 6 months ago - did the thought of the Administration trying to seize
control of companies that "might" fail sound crazy?

Anyone who loves their free speech should be chilled by this move from
the White House, especially in light of their willingness to single out other
private citizens for their points of view (Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity).

The free speech rights of Americans on both the left and the right are
heading towards abridgement.

From WorldNetDaily.com:

The man who created two phenomenally successful "We The People"
YouTube videos urging Americans to stand up against Congress and
reclaim their republic now ? or perhaps lose it forever ? reportedly has
been summoned to the White House by President Obama to discuss the
subject matter of the short films.

Bob Basso, who posts videos under the name funbobbasso on YouTube,
has created videos in which he portrays Thomas Paine, author of
the "Common Sense" pamphlet that made the case for independence
during the American Revolution.

Basso, whose website offers his services as a motivational speaker, uses
the YouTube presentations to condemn "non-representing
representatives" and warns,

"Only when they feel the almighty wrath of 'We The People' marching
in the streets from California to New York shouting 'We're mad as Hell,
and we want our country back' will they get the message they work for
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Post by CygnusX1 » Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:49 am

H/T to Karyn McDermott
Richmond Republican Examiner

Tea'd off on the Fourth
July 6, 12:30 AM

Around two thousand people gathered in the shadow of the Nation?s
Capitol this past Fourth of July for what was one of over 1,000 (or
so) "T.E.A." Party (Taxed Enough Already) rallies across the U.S.,
demanding Government cut it?s profligate spending immediately.

They believe the Obama Administration?s huge stimulus plans are
increasing our national debt at unprecedented and terrifying levels, and
that the debt will be passed on for generations to come. There also is the
palpable fear that proposed healthcare reform is ?socialism,? and would
make matters in the health industry worse, as they strongly believe in the
free market.

Lynda Farley of Edmonton, Kentucky drove to the Tea Party in her
infamous Liberty Van from her hometown to Washington D.C. to protest
Federal Government spending. I asked her why she drove the thousands
of miles to attend the rally held near the Senate, and she told me
she?s ?one p----d off grandma with eight grandkids and six kids and she
doesn?t want them to live in a communist country.? Linda has driven the
Liberty Van to every state capitol in the country to protest myriad
government interventions - apart from Hawaii and Virginia - though she is
headed to the Capitol of the Commonwealth as I write.

There is much criticism in the mainstream media that the plethora of tea
party groups across the country is just a Republican Party "front."

One gentleman, Jeff (who declined his last name) when asked for his
reasons for being there said, ?I?m sick of Republicans acting like
Democrats, and Democrats acting like Marxists?.

If anything, most of those in attendance Saturday seemed to be
Independents or Libertarians of the Ron Paul slant.

Congressman Paul?s book "The Revolution" was promoted widely on
vendor stands at the event.

CNN was the only major news organization present, and they were
not given a particularly friendly reception. A hardcore group of about
fifty surrounded CNN Deputy Political Director, Paul Steinhause, who was
shouted down as he attempted to film his piece to cam.

Cries of ?Communist News Network?, ?Chicken Noodle News? and
?State-Run Media? drowned him out for over 15 minutes.

One wag yelled out ?I went to journalism school, and now I?m a lap dog.?

On the CNN website, journalist Rachel Streitfeld led her report of the
event thus:

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Instead of celebrating the Fourth of July holiday
with barbecues and sparklers, about 2,000 small-government advocates,
toting signs and chanting slogans, rallied outside the U.S. Capitol

Nothing could be further from the truth. For one, personal
grills, sparklers and fireworks were not allowed anywhere near the
Fourth of July celebrations, and there was more Red, White and Blue at
the Tea Party than there was on The Mall.

I am not sure where Ms. Streitfeld was on Saturday, but it was not the
same place I was.

The signs(most of them hand-made) t-shirts, buttons along with the
speakers, were both entertaining, serious and everything in between.
One little girl who looked about six held her own hand made sign
saying ?Obama Don?t Steal From My Piggy Bank?, with a cut out picture of
a pig.

Speakers at the Tea Party included Tito the Builder and chiropractor,
Patrick Beck who flew in all the way from Arizona to address the crowd.

Patrick said he would ?rather be back home in Arizona with his wife and
five kids but that his one purpose and one purpose only was to get

Mr. Beck was reading MarketWatch.com when he realized there were so
many other like minded individuals and rather than expect someone else
to do it for them they realized that somebody had to be them. Goals
were, and still are, to make a difference, educate people and make them
understand the power they have as individuals and in groups.

One woman, Jennifer, dressed as Wonder Woman, when asked the
reason for her attendance, she replied she was there ?to defend the
Constitution and the hold the Government accountable. She went on to
say that she wanted to leave the rally knowing she had made some sort
of a difference, and that the Government would hear their cries.

A disparate group of people, but all with the same goal; to get
Government out of their lives.
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