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Post by EndlesslyRocking » Mon Jun 21, 2004 7:53 pm

Augie wrote:Hi folks,

Thanks for all the "Feedback" to my topic post.
Seriously, what is a "windup"? I don't know what that means.
A gag. A joke. Teasing. Spouting off just to annoy people, etc
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Post by Fridge » Fri Jun 25, 2004 2:12 am

Augie wrote:Hi folks,

The hosts of that radio show were not joking. They were being dead serious. They said that as a prelude to Rush's new song "Summertime Blues". They were so happy that Rush was doing covers. For once, Rush was making simple music (what I call "music for feeble-minded people"). I don't know much about those hosts other than that they are they are huge Ramones fans. They also like to insult people. For example, just last week they insulted KISS and Gene Simmons.

Obviously I never heard the show, but what you are saying does not change my opinion. I STILL think it was a wind-up.
The best wind-ups are done tortally deadpan, and if, as you say they regulartly do this, then that would reinforce my point. Its more a British thing this type of humour, and I suppose as A Brit, I immediately interpreted it thus.
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Post by Sodoff Baldrick » Fri Jun 25, 2004 6:44 am

What does it mean, to be a "real rock band"? That they should be a couple of middle-aged men singing about how great it is to stay up all night?
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Post by happysmilies007 » Sun Jul 04, 2004 10:16 pm

i think we should get an extremely good writer to take all the points made in this post (with the author's permission, of course) and write a letter to those dj's expressing the 'extreme displeasure' of the true RUSH fans. then m/b we could get ppl from this site and anybody else you know to sign your/their name underneath 'written by so-&-so' and that way they'd know it was a big deal if we could get up strengths in large numbers!! so, any creative minds here who'd like to volunteer?

carolynn :evil:

ps -- if they're ditching kiss too, they must not be into REAL, classic rock!!
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Post by awip2062 » Mon Jul 05, 2004 8:43 pm

Do it, and I will sign it.
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Post by *Lifesonite » Wed Jul 07, 2004 5:34 pm

There's no such thing as bad publicity ;)

Is there? :shock:


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