A profound statement from Soup4Rush

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A profound statement from Soup4Rush

Post by Soup4Rush » Wed Jun 23, 2004 2:39 pm

War Paint is a cool ass song...
Happy 2015!

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Re: A profound statement from Soup4Rush

Post by EndlesslyRocking » Wed Jun 23, 2004 2:42 pm

Soup4Rush wrote:War Paint is a cool ass song...
I agree. Excellent song.

To the beautiful and the wise,
The mirror always lies.

Good stuff.
Life in two dimensions is a mass-production scheme...

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Post by happysmilies007 » Thu Jun 24, 2004 6:47 am

great observation. Presto is my all-time fave album..some of the songs are definite tear-jerkers. I love at the end of War Paint they say..'let's paint the mirror black' and the part(s) about the mirror lying..it's SO true!!

carolynn :evil:
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Post by awip2062 » Thu Jun 24, 2004 7:48 am

I knew I could count on you for such wise words of wisdom, SouperMan!

*stalking the Soup*
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Post by Monkey Wrench » Sat Jul 24, 2004 10:06 am

Available Light has been attached to my brain for some time now.

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