Radio City Tickets...available at cost...

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Radio City Tickets...available at cost...

Post by Kares4Rush » Fri Jul 30, 2004 8:55 pm

If anyone would like them they are for August 19, They are Orch 210 row C.

They're pretty good seats! About 29 rows back on Geddy's side on the floor. It's a small venue with awesome acoustics. Here's the seating chart:

I'm waiting to hear from a couple people I asked but I thought I'd put it out here too. (No, it's NOT the "used car salesman thing" where one says, "If you don't take these now...someone else will!")

I just thought I'd ask since it IS a magical venue and if anyone couldn't get seats or their seats stink (which is tough in RCMH) they may want them. I know they love playing RCMH and it's the last venue in the States.

Thanks. :)

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